In the passed 2019 ESD/EOS Manufacturing Symposium-China, Copper Hou, on behalf of LEAN ESD Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. presented the ESD Failure and Analysis Technical Fundamentals of FPD (Flat Panel Display) manufacturing using the pioneering field strength approach. On basis of this electrostatic technical fundamental, ESD events in FPD manufacturing (mainly for front-end,ie. Array Fabrication) could be clarified Clear and Easily.

Some typical ESD control techniques to resolve FPD failures during manufacturing were also presented for techncial reference to FPD industry.

Figure 1. ESD Failure Mechanism of FPD products during FE Manufacturing

For FPD Manufacturers (mainly for front-end manufacturing including both TFT-LCD and TFT-driven AMOLED), continual invesments need be paid on such repeated typical ESD failure events to resolve production Yield Loss and Manufactured Poduct Reliability Loss:

1. TFT-array ESD failure during glass lifted up from a vacuum stage/chuck.

2. TFT-array ESD failure at the location on glass contacted by vacuum pad.

3. TFT-array ESD failure during rolling roller transfering.

It's the 2nd time LEAN ESD participated Manufacturing ESD/EOS Symposium in China held by ESD Association (US).

It's also the 1st time LEAN ESD presented FPD Manufacturing ESD Technical papers in such symposium, but hopefully, continual ESD technical papers/presentations about FPD manufacturing would be released to the public  at different places in the future.