1. Key element within FPD (Flat Panel Display) products:

TFT:Thin Film Transistor, driver device of display control of an FPD product.


Fig1. Typical TFT structure of an sub-pixel of LCD FPD product

2. ESD sensitivity of FPD products in front-end FPD manufacturing:

TFT device exhibit highly susceptibility to high electric fields and may be damaged by following ESD events.

Fig2. Field susceptibility of TFT array

3. High charging risks in FPD manufacturing:

Glass substrate of FPD products is quite easily highly charged up.

Fig3.Typical of charging mode of glass substrate in FPD manufacturing

4. ESD sensitivities of different FPD products in manufacturing(ESD Failure Loss risks):

4.1 ESD sensitivity by different TFT design technology


4.2 ESD sensitivity by different glass substrate thickness